StanPhotoFor 35 years I was a business education teacher, primarily in secondary schools, including a two-year stint teaching Canadian students in Germany. I have written two correspondence courses, one teaching manual. And been on the editorial board for several textbooks.

While teaching, I gave a two-hour mini-course on goal setting to many of my senior classes and I have done the same in other schools since I retired. Also, I have presented goal setting and time management half-day programs for continuing education groups.

My wife and I have set and reached some pretty ambitious goals using this system that has evolved over the years. When we got married our goals were two-fold: to have a family and to travel. After almost 5 decades of marriage we are now parents of four children, Grandparents of five, and we have been to over 20 countries.

Goal setting works, and I would love to have the pleasure of helping you reach yours. Click here to find out more about the coaching options!