We all know how important goals are.

We all know we should set them.

We all know we are likely going to put it off until it’s too late.

Are you procrastinating?

Are you overwhelmed with the “how’s” and process?

Are you just having trouble following through?

Let my “Goals Coaching” come to your rescue!

As Your Goals Coach I will:

  • Help you define your top three goals in the most effective way possible so that they work!
  • Walk you through the steps that are necessary to get your written goals clear and precise
  • Show you how to make them as powerful as possible
  • Show you how to create your “Dream Book” or “Dream Poster”
  • Set up a “review” system to get your goals to stick and to help trigger your reticular activating system to get your brain to recognize the opportunities that are coming your way and to put your goals on “auto-pilot”
  • Create “The Plan” to discover exactly what steps you need to take, and in what order, so that you can reach these goal
  • Follow up with you to make sure you are creating the habits you need.
  • Walk with you through each step until it is set up properly.

How does this work?

Send me an e-mail at When I receive it I’ll contact you to set up a time.

What does this cost?

You have several options:

  1. You can have one free session with me, and I’ll help you get over a particular hurdle of your choosing (please have this ready beforehand)
  2. You can get coached on an hour-by-hour pre-paid basis. For this service I charge $65 US/hr.
  3. You can pre-purchase a 12-week coaching package which will lead you through each of
    these chapters week-by-week with unlimited e-mail coaching and one hour-long telephone
    coaching session each week for 12 weeks. This package is valued at $900 US, but I sell the
    package for just $350 US

Any questions? Email me here: